Everything happens for a reason…I’ve ended up with a part in Corrie.

This year I had for great plans for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival…

I was going to the Edinburgh with two shows and performing in both with my wife, actress Kiruna Stamell. I was amped, up for it and proud of the shows we were taking there. Pirate and Parrot, a brilliant piece of childrens theatre and One of us will Die! A great stand-up show.

In May Kiruna Stamell, my wife received great news. She had been cast in Great Britain at The National Theatre . A month before our Edinburgh run, The National confirmed the show would be going to the West End and would continue at The National through all of August.

Kiruna had to pull out of Edinburgh,and since we were working on both shows together I needed too as well.

That left me with an empty diary for August. Calls were made, emails sent and I started getting August gigs. Then the phone rang…it was ITV…

The producers had seen an audition tape and really liked it. They had me in mind for a new character, a comedic one and asked if I would be interested?

I of course had to mull it over for an hour or two…by hour or two, I of course mean  one or two seconds…I said, yes…

He’s a great character and funny to boot. The cast and crew were great fun to work with, it was an amazing opportunity and a great experience. I’m now looking forward to doing more acting alongside my stand-up. I’ve been cast in two episodes but he may come back…who knows.

So…Tune in to ITV1 on Friday October the 3rd for two episodes of Coronation Street and meet my character…Macca.

We’ll first see Macca when the character of Kylie returns to her old haunt The Dog and Gun pub looking for her ex, Max’s dad, Callum. Macca’s a mate of Callum’s, he’s a bit rough round the edges and epitomises the life that Kylie left behind.

If you’are a Coronation Street  fan please feel free to tweet @itvcorrie asking to see more of #macca and a fan of my stand-up…please check it out and feel free to do the same. Your support is much appreciated.

; )

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