Life moves pretty fast … if you don’t stop and look around once in a while … you could miss it.

Today for the first time I saw myself in a clip longer than 5 seconds from my first episode appearing in the Corrie. .

CLIP OF #macca Chatting up Eva and Callum then appearing for the first time.

I got home to my first piece of mail asking me to sign a couple of photos. I should point out at this point they were photo’s of me as opposed to some random photo’s. Yes, really…they even included a stamped address envelope. This person knew what they were doing. Someone who’s a big fan of Coronation Street had got in touch via my agent. It still feels odd saying that. Its like I should be all actory and say, “someone got in touch via my agent darling.”  in a long drawn out well spoken drawl.

Fortunately…that’s not how I roll luv ; )

To say the last week has been surreal would not be the half of it. A week ago I had to cancel a gig due to being ill  and that night I was taken by ambulance to hospital. My temp hit 106 Fahrenheit, 41.2 Degrees…if my wife hadn’t come home at 2.a.m from acting in London I guess I would possibly not be writing this blog. I was in hospital all week till last night ,barring an escape to honour a local gig mid week. My life of late has been a rollercoaster, don’t break into song here though, please. No Ronan Keating. Let’s keep this blog Ronan free…damn, too late. He’s in…

Anyway, today I was back working in the North again, I can’t go into more detail than that but suffice to say I just can’t believe where I am at right now and how great everyone involved in this experience has been. Things changed fundamentally in my life in 2000 and it’s been a slow and steady climb to get to where I am currently at but in the last 3 years things have really come together. I met Kiruna, my super cool wife , which changed my life for the better, we moved to Birmingham and now we have a home together. If you’d told me I would be in that position 14 years ago I would never have believed you. That makes, getting a part in the Street an amazing bonus.

I realise that this role may be brief, it may go on, but either way I’m loving the opportunity of doing something else and I’m enjoying that the experience is starting to inform some of my material in my stand-up . I’m not in my twenties…but the script described Macca as late 20’s – great I’m 42 – it carried on to say, “Looking the worse for wear, like Johnny Vegas gone to seed.”…OK, so he’s worn and haggard.  My first day at ITV studios I was looking forward to make-up and being tidied up.  In costume, I went into make up. The make-up lady took one look at me and said…”You don’t need any make-up…that’ll do fine.

You know what they say, life is a rollercoaster, you’ve just got to ride it…..

Damn…Keating got in again. ; )


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