Ta Ta 2014 Seeya, Bye….it’s over. Hey 2015…

So….another year has faded. Seeya 2014!

A couple of hundred service stations visitedthis year in the course of doing my job being funny around the UK…what have I learnt…

I’ve learnt that there’s always a parent, dishevelled, covered in wee, tired and shouting at an incredibly frustrated child, both clearly exasperated by the experience….if you haven’t seen this, then they’ve probably managed to get the screaming monster…I mean child into their car…or you were the one screaming at the child.

I’ve learnt there’s always a dodgy geezer hanging on his own near the Jackpot machines. He’s either playing the machine or he’s suspiciously clocking people playing it and ready to pounce when they stop, if you haven’t seen him…he’s on a break and has sneaked round the corner for a smoke.

I’ve learnt that I can’t stop myself from buying something unnecessary every time I visit one….you know, an overly priced sandwich, the cost of which would keep a small town in the third world sustained for a week, a neck pillow in the shape of an aardvark apparently called Archie, 2 collapsible camping chairs with cup holders that you can carry in a bag. I told myself, “We’ll use them…course we’ll use them” but they will never see the cold light of day. They will gather dust slowly becoming giant dust dunes and finally we’ll be able to use those chairs to sit on them….course…we’ll be too old to climb them by then.

In 2014 Life was a bouncy ball, full of unexpected twists, turns and opportunities that went in all kinds of directions.

Over the course of the year I spoke or was interviewed on BBC R4, BBC R5 Live, BBC WM, BBC Coventry and Warwick and the One Show.

In-between working as a Stand-up I landed an acting role in Coronation Street playing Macca. It was classic proof that when one door closes, another one opens. Also a great example of how a failure can lead to a success. I didn’t get the part I originally auditioned for. Thought it was all over. Then…a month later they phoned with the offer of a different part that grew.

In December with Writer and Comic Rachel Mars I Co-Produced  the First UK Jewish Comedy Festival. This was a great success and we’ll be doing it all again later this year…although this time…it’ll be the second time and it’ll be the 2nd UK Jewish Comedy Festival and no longer the first one…oh you know what I mean…

Christmas gigs were what they always are…chaotic, fun, a nightmare, a war story, a room with no mike, no stage, no lights, people sat with their back to the stage…I don’t know if you enjoy them but you get through them and you have one or two stories from them afterwards.

If you enjoyed Macca in Coronation Street, thanks for your support and by all means let @itvcorrie know.

More plans are afoot for www.alittlecommitment.com  with the shows,  Pirate and Parrot www.pirateandparrot.com and One of us will Die www.oneofuswilldie.com ….Watch this space

Thanks for coming out to watch live comedy and keeping the circuit going. We have the best comedy circuit in the world and I’m proud to be a part of that.

Cheers for taking the time to read what I’m up to, your support and interest in my career.

Here’s to us all having an awesome 2015! If you want to….you don’t have to….no pressure. ; )

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