“One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don’t know.” Groucho Marx

Hello Blog readers, friends and fiends.

OK, so this is going to be Politics, Corrie News, Dr Who, News with Jokes and Stay for the Credits Podcast and any other business.

Politics :

It’s been a while since I last wrote and in that time we’ve gained a Conservative government…whoop dee doo. ; )

I wasn’t that pleased to be honest. Mostly because of cuts to Disabled peoples funding and support as well as the erosion of the NHS which is almost 100 percent privatised. However if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from posting on Facebook…do not talk politics.

Wow! Talking politics on Facebook really brings the trolls out of the woodwork. I made a few comments about disability cuts and the current government and the trolls rained down on me with their self righteous thunder and fury. People who had never posted on my page got very angry. I had to point out to them that I had posted many things about the injustices occurring to disabled people and none of these same people had ever got angry enough to post about how terrible those things were. They were kind of illustrating the point that they don’t care as long as they’re “all right Jack”…bud don’t ever dare say something bad about our David and the Tories. 

Television News: Corrie and Dr Who. 

There have been some more episodes of me in Coronation Street getting a bit lairy with David Platt that aired. I’m not sure if and when I may be back in Corrie but I’m hoping so, I love working with the team and enjoy playing the character. I’ve become good mates with the lovely Dolly Rose Campbell who plays Macca and Callum’s mate, Gemma. Macca was like by the fans and even got written about on a Corrie Blog. Macca Hard as Nails.

I landed a small part in an Episode of the next season of Dr Who!

I’m a bit of a Whovian so I was over the moon to get the part in Dr Who. If you check out my Instagram feed you’ll see that I have previously had a picture with the Tardis and K9 as well as my wife at Birmingham Comic Con at the NEC. To go from Dr Who fan to being in the programme is amazing and I do have a couple of photos but can share nothing online till my episode airs. So keep checking back with me.

Podcast News :

I’ve also started working on a couple of podcasts. Stay for the Credits @sftccast is a movie and film podcast with myself and two other comedians, James Cook and Phil Pagett talking movies, trailers and movie news.

The first one we did had us talking about a couple of trailers , movie news and looking at the Film 2001 a Space Odyssey directed by Stanley Kubrick. Here it is and there will be more to come.

Stay For the Credits 

Also I’m occasionally going to be working on @NewsWithJokes which is always hosted by James Cook with Andy White and two other guest comedians. Here’s me on my first one. This is a great regular podcast and well worth a regular follow.

Stand-Up and Edinburgh :

I’m pushing the acting more and doing some courses and still loving doing my stand-up. Although I’m not taking a solo show up to Edinburgh Fringe this year I am looking forward to a gig I’m doing at a Festival in Wales where I will be doing a 45-50 minute set. I love the freedom this allows as I’ll be able to tell a few stories I don’t get to do in a 20 minute set and some I only get to touch on occasionally if I’m headlining. I will be going to Edinburgh Fringe for a last week however performing with Abnormally Funny People doing a few guest spots in their show at The Stand comedy Tent @ 9.30pm So check my gig list for details and follow me on twitter, @garethberliner or Instagram : Garethberliner

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