So welcome to my website or welcome back and cheers for being interested in what I’m up to and where I’m at.

I’m currently doing the groundwork to start a podcast. I’ve been involved in one before, Stay for the Credits, a film based podcast with several other comedians but now that’s stopped I feel the need to get back to some creativity, I’ll be posting on here as soon as it’s up and running and I’ll be relying on you to tune in, check it out and share everywhere you can.

This year at Edinburgh I did something entirely new for me and did a show in Character having never worked with characters for standup before.
I’ve created a show that blends the worlds of standup comedy and immersive theatre.

The show has had some lovely things said about it so far by both audiences and comedians. Here’s a few quotes ;

‘a bit like Andy Kaufman’

‘like hanging out with your funniest mate’

‘start to finish pure comedy’

‘quite clever and surprising, really entertaining’


‘random entertaining evening’

‘fun, energetic, different!’

‘awkward, funny, original’

‘Crocodile Dundee meets the twlight zone’

‘surreal and very funny’


It’s called Trevor Lewis Presents : A Standup for the mystery hour and this year proved to be a great success.
I went to the Edinburgh Fringe without my name attached to this project in anyway and performed only a handful of gigs under my own name.

TLP:ASFTMH Bill’s itself as if the audience will see an hour of standup from a mystery guest. However at each show my character, Australian Sound Tech and Ex Roadie Trevor Lewis, also the shows producer takes a phonecall and discovers his act has cancelled. Trevor then tell the audience to bear with him until a replacement arrives. The rest of the hour is live, improvised fun, tension, surprises, Laughter and more. It’s all played for real as if the show hasn’t started yet as the act hasn’t arrived and Trevor is just filling time.

I’ve been performing the show in the Midlands since I got back from Edinburgh at The Mac Birmingham, The Attenborough Arts Centre, Cherry Reds Comedy and I’ll be doing it this Saturday October 26th at 19:30pm in it’s biggest room yet at The Wolverhampton Arena Theatre. Please come along as I am having this one professionally filmed for posterity.

I’ve also been working as a promoter with another comic, Joseph Wilson and for the last 3 years we’ve been building http://www.walltowallcomedy,com
Both Joseph and myself have been in the industry over 25 years between us and have great contacts.

As comics we know what know only to well what makes comedians happy when they work and we know what makes audiences happy when they go out for a night of laughs.

We book great acts and also perform on some of the bills. We can provide you with great comedy for your Corporate Event, Comedy Night, Pub, Club, Private Party or more. Wall to Wall Comedy is building really well and next year we have our first full weekend of Wall to Wall Comedy shows. www.walltowallcomedy.com


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