So welcome to my website or welcome back and cheers for being interested in what I’m up to and where I’m at.

I’m currently doing the groundwork to start a podcast. I’ve been involved in one before, Stay for the Credits, a film based podcast with several other comedians but now that’s stopped I feel the need to get back to some creativity, I’ll be posting on here as soon as it’s up and running and I’ll be relying on you to tune in, check it out and share everywhere you can.

This year at Edinburgh I did something entirely new for me and did a show in Character having never worked with characters for standup before.
I’ve created a show that blends the worlds of standup comedy and immersive theatre.

The show has had some lovely things said about it so far by both audiences and comedians. Here’s a few quotes ;

‘a bit like Andy Kaufman’

‘like hanging out with your funniest mate’

‘start to finish pure comedy’

‘quite clever and surprising, really entertaining’


‘random entertaining evening’

‘fun, energetic, different!’

‘awkward, funny, original’

‘Crocodile Dundee meets the twlight zone’

‘surreal and very funny’


It’s called Trevor Lewis Presents : A Standup for the mystery hour and this year proved to be a great success.
I went to the Edinburgh Fringe without my name attached to this project in anyway and performed only a handful of gigs under my own name.

TLP:ASFTMH Bill’s itself as if the audience will see an hour of standup from a mystery guest. However at each show my character, Australian Sound Tech and Ex Roadie Trevor Lewis, also the shows producer takes a phonecall and discovers his act has cancelled. Trevor then tell the audience to bear with him until a replacement arrives. The rest of the hour is live, improvised fun, tension, surprises, Laughter and more. It’s all played for real as if the show hasn’t started yet as the act hasn’t arrived and Trevor is just filling time.

I’ve been performing the show in the Midlands since I got back from Edinburgh at The Mac Birmingham, The Attenborough Arts Centre, Cherry Reds Comedy and I’ll be doing it this Saturday October 26th at 19:30pm in it’s biggest room yet at The Wolverhampton Arena Theatre. Please come along as I am having this one professionally filmed for posterity.

I’ve also been working as a promoter with another comic, Joseph Wilson and for the last 3 years we’ve been building http://www.walltowallcomedy,com
Both Joseph and myself have been in the industry over 25 years between us and have great contacts.

As comics we know what know only to well what makes comedians happy when they work and we know what makes audiences happy when they go out for a night of laughs.

We book great acts and also perform on some of the bills. We can provide you with great comedy for your Corporate Event, Comedy Night, Pub, Club, Private Party or more. Wall to Wall Comedy is building really well and next year we have our first full weekend of Wall to Wall Comedy shows. www.walltowallcomedy.com


What should we do next: Something good, something bad? Bit of both?

Well how goes it? Been a while since I’ve blogged and all has changed in the World. Brexit happened, Trump happened….I was so relieved when Honey G didn’t win X Factor. ; )

Currently sat in the lounge updating this, washing clothes, organising work etc…Kiruna my wife is away in London working at Hackney Empire in their Sleep Beauty production. Kiruna plays Willowsnap, one of the fairy godmothers. She gets to fly, shame she never does that at home. : )

Giggings been going well, had a few auditions for things but looking forward to whatever role comes along next. I’d also love to go back to Coronation Street. I’ve certainly had fun playing Macca so far and he’s definitely got people out there who like his character. I feel privelaged to have had the chance to work with such a great cast and crew.  I guess we’ll see what the future holds. I was only ever meant to do 2 episodes so it’s been great that I’ve had the opportunity to go back on more occasion’s. 

I always enjoy  this time of year but the Christmas Comedy gigs are crazy. It’s much harder work than normal as a lot of people get incredibly drunk and for many , they don’t go to live comedy and they may well only be there because the boss wanted to see comedy and he’s buying the Xmas drinks. I’ve had some fun with them too over the years. I remember one of the best being a gig that looked like it would be a tough one. Xmas gig, los of office parties and a whole squad / platoon of Royal Engineer soldiers. It was without doubt one of the most fun Xmas gigs I’ve ever done. A room full of  over 200 people who wanted to work together as a crowd, have fun and enjoy the comics. Awesome.

Marvels released the new Spiderman trailer today which has been well received. I still am in hope that a Marvel opportunity will present itself one day. Before Tom Holland landed the role I would’ve happily let myself be bitten by an actual radioactive spider in order to show how committed I would be to playing the role. I have a feeling I’m just a little to old and a little unfit. ; )

Westworld is a great new show from HBO that I implore you to see. Well written, great acting and a standout story tackling themes of A.I and Automation. I’d love to get in on the second season. I’ve managed to dress like a cowboy for one role so far. I’d love the chance to do it again.

If you like your films, movie news and trailers don’t forget to check out the Movie Podcast I do with two other comedians, James Cook and Phil Pagett. We review a movie from the www.imdb.com  top 250 list.  Stay for the Credits podcast, check it out on Podbean http://sftc.podbean.com/ and iTunes https://itunes.apple.com/gb/podcast/stay-for-the-credits/id993254855?mt=2

Now I better get going but in the meantime, Happy Xmas and New Year and here’s to great things for 2017!

“One morning I shot an elephant in my pajamas. How he got in my pajamas, I don’t know.” Groucho Marx

Hello Blog readers, friends and fiends.

OK, so this is going to be Politics, Corrie News, Dr Who, News with Jokes and Stay for the Credits Podcast and any other business.

Politics :

It’s been a while since I last wrote and in that time we’ve gained a Conservative government…whoop dee doo. ; )

I wasn’t that pleased to be honest. Mostly because of cuts to Disabled peoples funding and support as well as the erosion of the NHS which is almost 100 percent privatised. However if there’s one thing I’ve learnt from posting on Facebook…do not talk politics.

Wow! Talking politics on Facebook really brings the trolls out of the woodwork. I made a few comments about disability cuts and the current government and the trolls rained down on me with their self righteous thunder and fury. People who had never posted on my page got very angry. I had to point out to them that I had posted many things about the injustices occurring to disabled people and none of these same people had ever got angry enough to post about how terrible those things were. They were kind of illustrating the point that they don’t care as long as they’re “all right Jack”…bud don’t ever dare say something bad about our David and the Tories. 

Television News: Corrie and Dr Who. 

There have been some more episodes of me in Coronation Street getting a bit lairy with David Platt that aired. I’m not sure if and when I may be back in Corrie but I’m hoping so, I love working with the team and enjoy playing the character. I’ve become good mates with the lovely Dolly Rose Campbell who plays Macca and Callum’s mate, Gemma. Macca was like by the fans and even got written about on a Corrie Blog. Macca Hard as Nails.

I landed a small part in an Episode of the next season of Dr Who!

I’m a bit of a Whovian so I was over the moon to get the part in Dr Who. If you check out my Instagram feed you’ll see that I have previously had a picture with the Tardis and K9 as well as my wife at Birmingham Comic Con at the NEC. To go from Dr Who fan to being in the programme is amazing and I do have a couple of photos but can share nothing online till my episode airs. So keep checking back with me.

Podcast News :

I’ve also started working on a couple of podcasts. Stay for the Credits @sftccast is a movie and film podcast with myself and two other comedians, James Cook and Phil Pagett talking movies, trailers and movie news.

The first one we did had us talking about a couple of trailers , movie news and looking at the Film 2001 a Space Odyssey directed by Stanley Kubrick. Here it is and there will be more to come.

Stay For the Credits 

Also I’m occasionally going to be working on @NewsWithJokes which is always hosted by James Cook with Andy White and two other guest comedians. Here’s me on my first one. This is a great regular podcast and well worth a regular follow.

Stand-Up and Edinburgh :

I’m pushing the acting more and doing some courses and still loving doing my stand-up. Although I’m not taking a solo show up to Edinburgh Fringe this year I am looking forward to a gig I’m doing at a Festival in Wales where I will be doing a 45-50 minute set. I love the freedom this allows as I’ll be able to tell a few stories I don’t get to do in a 20 minute set and some I only get to touch on occasionally if I’m headlining. I will be going to Edinburgh Fringe for a last week however performing with Abnormally Funny People doing a few guest spots in their show at The Stand comedy Tent @ 9.30pm So check my gig list for details and follow me on twitter, @garethberliner or Instagram : Garethberliner

“In case I don’t see ya, good afternoon, good evening, and good night!”

Cheers for checking out blog. Right, see you later.

Nah…I’ve got stuff to say.

For anyone that’s watching Coronation Street and has seen me as Macca, he / I will be back in it in a while. I’m shooting another 3 episodes at the moment. It’s been an amazing experience so far and I’ve learnt loads from it. Originally I was only going to be doing two episodes but the new ones take it to 9 so far in total.  I have to pinch myself as it’s still not quite seeming real.

Dolly Rose Cambell (Gemma), Sean Ward (Callum) and myself all started on the show at the same time, so it’s great whenever we get to work together as we’d all got on well from the beginning. It’s a great working environment and everyone’s made us feel really welcome. It’s nice to be in another environment where laughter is still much a key thing of the work environment.

Kiruna my wife is also going great guns and has been cast in another production at the National Theatre. It’s a play called Everyman and as to Kiruna’s role it’s still somewhat of a mystery but she is only just beginning work on the production so all will be revealed eventually.

Special Deal :

If you say / use the promo code “bslgiggle” you’ll get a two for one deal on your tickets.

This Thursday ( 5th March )at JW3 Hava Nagiggle in London the comedy night I MC is also being interpreted by BSL Interpreters for the night. Last time we did this it was an awesome night of comedy and well attended by both Deaf and Hearing audience members. Marc Maier headlined and had great fun bringing Rob the interpreter into his act.

This Thursday’s line up

David Ward (Opening)

Danny Hurst (Jewish Comedian of the Year Finalist)

Steve Day (Headline)

I’ve worked with all of these guys before and they’re great acts so please come along and support this event. I want to make the comedy accessible to larger audiences and hope to be able to run more nights with BSL interpretation. Not enough events are offered like this are offered to the Deaf community and I’m hoping we can help push for more of it in my industry. Please mention the night to any friends you have in London and spread the word.

This weekend’s gig were all fun and Sunday was certainly a great night. I was doing a charity gig raising awareness of Motor Neurone Disease. Bobby Davro was headlining. This is a guy I watched in the eighties. Well he was going to be headlining but decided to open instead so he could get home. Bobby did a few songs and some other peoples jokes…it was a very surreal start to the night. I used to watch him on telly when I was a kid. I’ve now worked with Jimmy Cricket and Bobby Davro…wonder whether it’s Jim Davidson or Canon and Ball next. My career is now running into people I watched in the eighties.

I was out gigging the other night and noticed in a mere 140 characters my wife had tweeted that she’d had some kind of Epiphany dancing to Niki Minaj. I got back from my gig to find her doing a turn in the lounge dancing like no one was watching. …except I was, but that didn’t stop her. Sometimes entering my home is like walking into an episode of Britains Got Talent.

Cheers for stopping by and see you at a gig somewhere sometime. ; )

Ta Ta 2014 Seeya, Bye….it’s over. Hey 2015…

So….another year has faded. Seeya 2014!

A couple of hundred service stations visitedthis year in the course of doing my job being funny around the UK…what have I learnt…

I’ve learnt that there’s always a parent, dishevelled, covered in wee, tired and shouting at an incredibly frustrated child, both clearly exasperated by the experience….if you haven’t seen this, then they’ve probably managed to get the screaming monster…I mean child into their car…or you were the one screaming at the child.

I’ve learnt there’s always a dodgy geezer hanging on his own near the Jackpot machines. He’s either playing the machine or he’s suspiciously clocking people playing it and ready to pounce when they stop, if you haven’t seen him…he’s on a break and has sneaked round the corner for a smoke.

I’ve learnt that I can’t stop myself from buying something unnecessary every time I visit one….you know, an overly priced sandwich, the cost of which would keep a small town in the third world sustained for a week, a neck pillow in the shape of an aardvark apparently called Archie, 2 collapsible camping chairs with cup holders that you can carry in a bag. I told myself, “We’ll use them…course we’ll use them” but they will never see the cold light of day. They will gather dust slowly becoming giant dust dunes and finally we’ll be able to use those chairs to sit on them….course…we’ll be too old to climb them by then.

In 2014 Life was a bouncy ball, full of unexpected twists, turns and opportunities that went in all kinds of directions.

Over the course of the year I spoke or was interviewed on BBC R4, BBC R5 Live, BBC WM, BBC Coventry and Warwick and the One Show.

In-between working as a Stand-up I landed an acting role in Coronation Street playing Macca. It was classic proof that when one door closes, another one opens. Also a great example of how a failure can lead to a success. I didn’t get the part I originally auditioned for. Thought it was all over. Then…a month later they phoned with the offer of a different part that grew.

In December with Writer and Comic Rachel Mars I Co-Produced  the First UK Jewish Comedy Festival. This was a great success and we’ll be doing it all again later this year…although this time…it’ll be the second time and it’ll be the 2nd UK Jewish Comedy Festival and no longer the first one…oh you know what I mean…

Christmas gigs were what they always are…chaotic, fun, a nightmare, a war story, a room with no mike, no stage, no lights, people sat with their back to the stage…I don’t know if you enjoy them but you get through them and you have one or two stories from them afterwards.

If you enjoyed Macca in Coronation Street, thanks for your support and by all means let @itvcorrie know.

More plans are afoot for www.alittlecommitment.com  with the shows,  Pirate and Parrot www.pirateandparrot.com and One of us will Die www.oneofuswilldie.com ….Watch this space

Thanks for coming out to watch live comedy and keeping the circuit going. We have the best comedy circuit in the world and I’m proud to be a part of that.

Cheers for taking the time to read what I’m up to, your support and interest in my career.

Here’s to us all having an awesome 2015! If you want to….you don’t have to….no pressure. ; )

Life moves pretty fast … if you don’t stop and look around once in a while … you could miss it.

Today for the first time I saw myself in a clip longer than 5 seconds from my first episode appearing in the Corrie. .

CLIP OF #macca Chatting up Eva and Callum then appearing for the first time.

I got home to my first piece of mail asking me to sign a couple of photos. I should point out at this point they were photo’s of me as opposed to some random photo’s. Yes, really…they even included a stamped address envelope. This person knew what they were doing. Someone who’s a big fan of Coronation Street had got in touch via my agent. It still feels odd saying that. Its like I should be all actory and say, “someone got in touch via my agent darling.”  in a long drawn out well spoken drawl.

Fortunately…that’s not how I roll luv ; )

To say the last week has been surreal would not be the half of it. A week ago I had to cancel a gig due to being ill  and that night I was taken by ambulance to hospital. My temp hit 106 Fahrenheit, 41.2 Degrees…if my wife hadn’t come home at 2.a.m from acting in London I guess I would possibly not be writing this blog. I was in hospital all week till last night ,barring an escape to honour a local gig mid week. My life of late has been a rollercoaster, don’t break into song here though, please. No Ronan Keating. Let’s keep this blog Ronan free…damn, too late. He’s in…

Anyway, today I was back working in the North again, I can’t go into more detail than that but suffice to say I just can’t believe where I am at right now and how great everyone involved in this experience has been. Things changed fundamentally in my life in 2000 and it’s been a slow and steady climb to get to where I am currently at but in the last 3 years things have really come together. I met Kiruna, my super cool wife , which changed my life for the better, we moved to Birmingham and now we have a home together. If you’d told me I would be in that position 14 years ago I would never have believed you. That makes, getting a part in the Street an amazing bonus.

I realise that this role may be brief, it may go on, but either way I’m loving the opportunity of doing something else and I’m enjoying that the experience is starting to inform some of my material in my stand-up . I’m not in my twenties…but the script described Macca as late 20’s – great I’m 42 – it carried on to say, “Looking the worse for wear, like Johnny Vegas gone to seed.”…OK, so he’s worn and haggard.  My first day at ITV studios I was looking forward to make-up and being tidied up.  In costume, I went into make up. The make-up lady took one look at me and said…”You don’t need any make-up…that’ll do fine.

You know what they say, life is a rollercoaster, you’ve just got to ride it…..

Damn…Keating got in again. ; )


Everything happens for a reason…I’ve ended up with a part in Corrie.

This year I had for great plans for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival…

I was going to the Edinburgh with two shows and performing in both with my wife, actress Kiruna Stamell. I was amped, up for it and proud of the shows we were taking there. Pirate and Parrot, a brilliant piece of childrens theatre and One of us will Die! A great stand-up show.

In May Kiruna Stamell, my wife received great news. She had been cast in Great Britain at The National Theatre . A month before our Edinburgh run, The National confirmed the show would be going to the West End and would continue at The National through all of August.

Kiruna had to pull out of Edinburgh,and since we were working on both shows together I needed too as well.

That left me with an empty diary for August. Calls were made, emails sent and I started getting August gigs. Then the phone rang…it was ITV…

The producers had seen an audition tape and really liked it. They had me in mind for a new character, a comedic one and asked if I would be interested?

I of course had to mull it over for an hour or two…by hour or two, I of course mean  one or two seconds…I said, yes…

He’s a great character and funny to boot. The cast and crew were great fun to work with, it was an amazing opportunity and a great experience. I’m now looking forward to doing more acting alongside my stand-up. I’ve been cast in two episodes but he may come back…who knows.

So…Tune in to ITV1 on Friday October the 3rd for two episodes of Coronation Street and meet my character…Macca.

We’ll first see Macca when the character of Kylie returns to her old haunt The Dog and Gun pub looking for her ex, Max’s dad, Callum. Macca’s a mate of Callum’s, he’s a bit rough round the edges and epitomises the life that Kylie left behind.

If you’are a Coronation Street  fan please feel free to tweet @itvcorrie asking to see more of #macca and a fan of my stand-up…please check it out and feel free to do the same. Your support is much appreciated.

; )