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Nah…I’ve got stuff to say.

For anyone that’s watching Coronation Street and has seen me as Macca, he / I will be back in it in a while. I’m shooting another 3 episodes at the moment. It’s been an amazing experience so far and I’ve learnt loads from it. Originally I was only going to be doing two episodes but the new ones take it to 9 so far in total.  I have to pinch myself as it’s still not quite seeming real.

Dolly Rose Cambell (Gemma), Sean Ward (Callum) and myself all started on the show at the same time, so it’s great whenever we get to work together as we’d all got on well from the beginning. It’s a great working environment and everyone’s made us feel really welcome. It’s nice to be in another environment where laughter is still much a key thing of the work environment.

Kiruna my wife is also going great guns and has been cast in another production at the National Theatre. It’s a play called Everyman and as to Kiruna’s role it’s still somewhat of a mystery but she is only just beginning work on the production so all will be revealed eventually.

This Thursday ( 5th March )at JW3 Hava Nagigglein London the comedy night I MC is also being interpreted by BSL Interpreters for the night. Last time we did this it was an awesome night of comedy and well attended by both Deaf and Hearing audience members. Marc Maier headlined and had great fun bringing Rob the interpreter into his act.

This Thursday’s line up

David Ward (Opening)

Danny Hurst (Jewish Comedian of the Year Finalist)

Steve Day (Headline)

I’ve worked with all of these guys before and they’re great acts so please come along and support this event. I want to make the comedy accessible to larger audiences and hope to be able to run more nights with BSL interpretation. Not enough events are offered like this are offered to the Deaf community and I’m hoping we can help push for more of it in my industry. Please mention the night to any friends you have in London and spread the word.

This weekend’s gig were all fun and Sunday was certainly a great night. I was doing a charity gig raising awareness of Motor Neurone Disease. Bobby Davro was headlining. This is a guy I watched in the eighties. Well he was going to be headlining but decided to open instead so he could get home. Bobby did a few songs and some other peoples jokes…it was a very surreal start to the night. I used to watch him on telly when I was a kid. I’ve now worked with Jimmy Cricket and Bobby Davro…wonder whether it’s Jim Davidson or Canon and Ball next. My career is now running into people I watched in the eighties.

I was out gigging the other night and noticed in a mere 140 characters my wife had tweeted that she’d had some kind of Epiphany dancing to Niki Minaj. I got back from my gig to find her doing a turn in the lounge dancing like no one was watching. …except I was, but that didn’t stop her. Sometimes entering my home is like walking into an episode of Britains Got Talent.

Cheers for stopping by and see you at a gig somewhere sometime. ; )

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