Live Dates



8th JW3 Havanagiggle Comedy Club, London (Resident MC )

10th Kings Head, London, Crouch End (Set)

23rd Backyard Comedy Club (Set)

24th Northwich Harlequin Theatre Theatre (Set)

25th Northwich (Headline)

28th Top Secret (Set)

31st 99 Club London Late Show (MC)


5th Jw3 Havanagiggle, London (resident MC)

7th 99 Club London, Late Show 9MC)

11th Cotswolds Comedy Club. Witney (Headline)

12th AFP Podcast Recording

13th 99 Club, Leicester Square , Storm (MC)

20th 99 Club Late Show London, (MC)

21st 99 Club, Late Show (MC)

25th Filming (Coronation Street)

27th Wyeside Theatre , Builth, Wales (MC)

28th 99 Club, Late Showm London (MC)


1st Running Joke, Charity, Headliners, London (Set)

5th  Havanagiggle JW3 London (Set)

7th Comedy Hut, Stourbridge (MC)

9th Coronation Street (Filming)

11th Coronation Street (Filming)

13th Gags on the Green, Werrington (Headlining)

14th Stoke on Trent (Headlining

16th Coronation Street (Filming)

18th Ballsall Common (MC)

20th The Old Mill Comedy Club, Llandoe (set)

27th The Comedy Club, Lincoln (Set)

28th Alexanders , Chester (Set)


1st The Station, Sutton Coldfield, Charity Gig (Set)

2nd Havanagiggle , London, (Resident MC)

9th The Stand, Newcastle (Set)

10th The Stand, Newcastle (Set)

11th The Stand, Newcastle (Set)

15th Glatton, Nigel Perry (Headlining)

18th Can Comedy, Wendsbury (Set)

19th 99 Club, Leicester Square (MC)

22nd 99 Club, Leicester Square (MC)

24th The Roaring Laughter Comedy Club, Cheshire (MC)

25th Comedy on the Common, Plumstead (Set)

29th JW3 Havanagiggle (MC)

30th Filming


1st May , Filming

2nd Manfords, Birmingham (Set)

7th Jw3 Havanagiggle London (MC)

8th Laughs Comedy Clubs, Bristol (Set)

9th Laughs Comedy Clubs, Bristol (Set)

23rd The Station Comedy Club, Blackpool, (Headline)

29th Comedy Monster, Birmingham (Headline)

30th Rib Tikler, Doncaster(Closing))


3rd 99 Club Leicester Square (MC)

4th 99 Club Leicester Square (MC)

8th Roadhouse, Birmingham (New material)

10th Corporate for Calea UK

13th The Station Comedy Club, Blackpool (Closing)

15th The Roadhouse, Birmingham (New material)

19th Wakefield, Mirth Control, (MC)

20th Nigel Perry, Warrington  (Closing)

25th Audley, Stoke (Opening)

26th Comedy Monster, Worcester City (Headline)


3rd Rib Tiklers, Hartlepoole, (Closing)

7th Corporate for National Nurses Nutritional Group

11th Jongleurs, Camden (Set)

14th-16th Filming in Germany, Small Part in Feature Film, Brimstone.

17th Exeter Comedy Grove (MC)

18th Bottle Rocket Comedy, Coventry Showcase. (MC)

22nd Maesteg Comedy Month 3 – Gareth Berliner (Headlining, Hour show)

24th 99 Club London (MC)

25th Laughing Pod , London (Headline)

August 8th

1st Trentham Live . MC for Music Event.

8th Jongleurs , (Watford)

12th Comedy Club, Budapest, Hungary

15th The Station Comedy Club, Blackpool, (Headline)

21st, Jongluers < Birmingham (Set)

22nd Jongleurs , Birmingham (Set)

24th Abnormally Funny People, Edinburgh Festival, The Stand Comedy Tent

25th Abnormally Funny People, Edinburgh Festival, The Stand Comedy Tent

26th Abnormally Funny People, Edinburgh Festival, The Stand Comedy Tent

27th Abnormally Funny People, Edinburgh Festival, The Stand Comedy Tent

29th Jongleurs, Nottingham (Set)


2nd Plymouth, (Set)

8th Mirth Control, Birmingham (Set)

11th Giggles n Gags, Ongar , Essex (Set)

12th Mirth Control, Bury St Edmunds (Set)

18th 99 Club, Leicester Square (MC)

19th 99 Club, Soho, London, (MC)

25th Mirth Control, Camberley Theatre (MC)

26th 99 Club, Soho, London, Shadow Lounge (MC)

28th -30th The Bastard Executioner, FX Television, Filming


1st – 2nd The Bastard Executioner, FX Television, Filming

3rd Jongleurs, Reading (set),

4th Birmingham Comedy Festival , The Victoria, Berliner Bites the Big Apple (Solo Show)

5th – 21st NYC (Holiday and Gig)

24th Kettering, (Set)

30th Faf Promotions, Thorncliffe (MC)


4th Corporate for LSE Access to Employment (Keyspeaker)

6th Trentham Gardens, Fireworks Night (Host/MC)

7th Backyard Comedy Club, Bethnal Green (Set)

12th Comedy at The Phoenix, Coventry (Headline)

14th Glen Gandy, Darlaston, (Headline)

15th Can Comedy , Harborne, (Set)

19th The Exchange Comedy Night, Leicester (Headline)

20th The Glee, Birmingham (Set)

21st Mirth Control, Cradley (Headline)

28th Comedy Gala  , London Jewish Comedy Festival


1st – 5th London Jewish Comedy Festival

11th 99 Club , Leicester Square, Storm. (MC)

12th 99 Club , Shadow Lounge (MC)


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