Disability/Mental Health/Neurodiversity

Photo by Steve Best.

I have Crohns Disease and have had several major surgeries and issues in the past. In 2000 I lost most of my small bowel and am now considered as having Intestinal Failure / Short Gut Syndrome. This means that now when I drink and eat I am actually dehydrating and not rehydrating. As a result I have to connect to nutritional fluid every day through a Hickman line in my chest.

If you want to know more about this condition you can do your own research to find out more.

I identify as Disabled and have done since the year 2000. I have actively campaigned and advocated on disability issues as well as performing at and hosting Disability led events. At the end of 2022 I was officially diagnosed with ADHD, something I had been masking and struggling with at points in my life. This diagnosis was a gift and led to a greater understanding of both myself and my work methods etc….

I had my most successful failure in life, in the year 2000, when I tried to kill myself after having bouts of severe depression as a result of my health and disability. This experience changed my life fundamentally and has allowed me since to help inform, educate and support others on the subject.

I have spoken and been able to speak eloquently on these matters at various conferences and events and can been hired privately to speak about both Disability, Neurodiversity and Mental Health and issues surrounding both.

I speak publicly and comfortably on these topics utilising my talent as a stand-up, actor and public speaker to deliver positive messages, training and educational content.