I have worked as a producer for several years and have produced shows and 2 Comedy festivals as well as a Childrens series and channel called Pirate and Parrot TV for Youtube (Recently featured on BBC Midlands Today and BBC Ouch)

Some but not all of these shows have also been supported by Arts Council England

These include;

  • The Jewish Comedy Festival at JW3 in London twice.
  • Pirate and Parrot (A touring piece of Children’s Theatre) developed with Red Earth Theatre
  • Gutless (Solo show)
  • Love…it’s not a big enough word (Solo show)
  • An Inch of Integrity (Solo show)
  • The Long and the Short of it (Double act show with Kiruna Stamell)
  • One of us will Die (Double Act show with Kiruna Stamell)
  • I paid for 50 minutes of your time (Solo show)
  • Trevor Lewis Presents : A Stand-up for the mystery hour